Remove Ads by LoadLeader in Detailed and Effective Guides

Does anyone know ? It installs add-ons to my IE automatically and displays tons of advertisements. They are really annoying and will lead me to promoted websites if I accidentally click on them. My browser is going to be messed up. Can anyone give advice to get rid of LoadLeader popup ads?

Screen shot of LoadLeader adware:

LoadLeader pretends to help computer users enhance online activity. But it causes a lot of chaos and inconvenience in the contrary. The pesky program is often bundled with unverified free programs to enter the target system. Besides, it can be attached to junk emails and suspicious links to take chance to start attacks. After its successful invasion, the adware begins its harmful actions. For example, it inserts vicious codes to different system folders deeply to avoid being detected and deleted. LoadLeader will activate automatically whenever the machine launches. Besides, it takes up most system resources and memory space. This slows down the entire PC performance seriously. Moreover, the malware drops pesky add-ons to the web browser without asking for your permission. After then, it generates a great many of deals, savings, coupons and offers on the screen during your web browsing actions. The malware tires hard to attract you and gather extra profit through pay-per-click mechanism. But it’s not advisable to click on any as you cannot imagine what evil stuff is hidden in it. Worse still, LoadLeader may track online history and browsing details to gather sensitive information. This is rather risky for your privacy, finance and identity. Hence, it’s wise to remove LoadLeader ads timely and quickly.

As an annoying adware program, the primary thing LoadLeader will do on the computer is that it will generate advertising banners and pop-ups to distract you from browsing websites and using the computer normally. Moreover, LoadLeader can affect various web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It installs unwanted add-ons or extensions to them so as to trigger ad pop-ups and in-text ads that will display ads when you move your mouse over it. Sometimes, those advertising banners will tell you to download some updates to deceive you into downloading more unwanted adware programs or even rogue software. Blocking those ad pop-ups cannot fix the problem, the best way to completely fix it is to remove LoadLeader from your computer, otherwise it will run in the background and collect your personal information for profits. To stop its endless pop-up ads and your sufferings, please follow LoadLeader removal guide below.

Option 1: Remove LoadLeader Automatically & Completely (Recommended)

This powerful Auto Fix Tool can automatically scan the whole system and detect all adware programs or PUPs from your system. You can remove LoadLeader Pop-up Ads with a few clicks. This is fast, time-saving and safe method for those who are not good at computers and do not want to take the risk of deleting important system file by mistake.

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Option 2: Remove LoadLeader Manually

This following removal guide provides detailed steps on how to remove LoadLeader from your computer. Please follow the steps in the correct order in order to remove LoadLeader completely.

1. Remove unwanted adware programs from Control Panel
2. Remove registry keys of LoadLeader adware in the registry
3. Remove malicious files of LoadLeader adware left in the hard drive
4. Remove LoadLeader adware from Internet Explorer – How to remove Adware from Internet Explorer
5. Remove LoadLeader adware from Firefox – How to remove Adware from Mozilla Firefox
6. Remove LoadLeader adware from Google Chrome – How to remove Adware from Google Chrome

1. Remove unwanted adware programs from Control Panel

1). To uninstall an application or program from Windows Vista or 7, click Start button and then click Control Panel.

To uninstall an application or program from Windows 8, move your mouse to the top-right corner of the screen. Click Search on Charms bar, type in Control Panel and click on it when it appears in the search results on the left panel.

2). When Control Panel appears, click View by Category and click Uninstall a program.

3). Check the whole program list and uninstall those programs or toolbars you don’t know.

2. Remove registry keys of LoadLeader in the registry

Even you uninstall those adware programs or PUPs from Control Panel, there are still registry keys that are still active to affect your computer system. So you need to delete those keys for a complete fix. It’s important that you back up your registry before making any changes to it.

1). open Registry Editor

To open Registry Editor in Windows Vista or 7:
a. Click Start button and then type in regedit in search programs and files.

b.Click it and then click Yes to open registry editor.

To open Registry Editor in Windows 8,
a. Move the mouse to the top-right corner of the screen, click Search and type in Run. After that, click Run in the search result.

b.Type in regedit and click OK to open registry editor.

2). Click File and click Export to back up your registry

3).Give a name of the backup file, find a location and click Save to save it

4). After the backup, find and delete those malicious items of LoadLeader in the Registry Editor

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerMainRandom

3. Remove malicious files of LoadLeader left in the hard drive

Before you delete its files, it’s necessary to show all hidden files in the system in order to delete all malicious files.

1). show all hidden files

To show all hidden files in Windows Vista or 7,
a. Double click Computer on the desktop, click Organize and then click Folder and search options

b.When Folder Options window pops up, click View tab. Select Show hidden files, folders and drivers options and click OK to save the changes.

To show all hidden files in Windows 8, double click Computer on the desktop, click View tab and tick Hidden items to show all hidden files and folders.

b. Find and delete those malicious files and folders of LoadLeader.

C:Program Filesrandom
C:UsersUser NameAppDataRoamingrandom
C:Users User NameAppDataLocal
C:Users User NameAppDataLocalLow

Warm tips: If you have tried the above comprehensive manual removal guide to remove LoadLeader but still with no luck, it’s necessary for you to use this powerful & trustworthy Auto Fix Tool which can remove those stubborn adware programs from your computer with a few clicks.

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